Broken Glass Theatre Company

Founded in 2007, Broken Glass are a London theatre company engaged in the production of new plays, and the revitalisation of old classics. From tales of magical encounters in the Prague ghetto, to dystopian nightmares and fairytale adventures, we are dedicated to integrating music with physical and storytelling theatre to create original and immersive productions. We have produced new work at the Edinburgh Fringe, the London Roundhouse, and at our own site-specific venue in Brick Lane, amongst others. We are also proud to support new and young theatre practitioners through our performance evenings, Short Fuse.

Alex Buckingham [Director]

Alex has been acting since she learnt how to talk, and directing for almost as long. After she united with Vicky at university her directing partnership as one half of Broken Glass began, and she has very much enjoyed all their ventures together, both great and small.

Vicky Flood [Writer & Director]

Vicky has been writing for Broken Glass and working with Alex since the company's beginnings at Cambridge University. She is proud to see how the company has developed, and looks forward to the next stage in our adventure!

Tom Ward [Music, Web & Image Design]

Tom has been involved in Broken Glass since the very beginning in a variety of roles, including general advisor, tea maker, image designer and webmaster. He also composed and performed the mandolin soundtrack for Glass Mountain, The Golem, and the soundscape for Paul McCartney is Dead.

Andrew Buckingham [Actor & Set Designer]

Drafted in as an emergency actor for Song in 2008, Andrew has, as yet, been unable to break free. He has, however, failed upwards to the heady heights of set designer: aiding, abetting and occasionally painting Vicky and Alex's wildest nightmares...he means dreams, definitely dreams...

Steve King [Actor]

Steve has been acting with Broken Glass since the beginning and is thrilled to be working with the company again; you can spot him in the production photos for nearly all our old projects. He is also currently working on a PhD in mathematics, which quite often goes further into unreality than any play dares.

Luke Surl [Actor]

Luke has been with the company since June 2007. As well as a foray into the Edinburgh scene in 2008, the past few years have seen Luke dabble with direction, play with production and even toy with technical design, but now he is back to acting again. As well as theatre, Luke likes to draw cartoons and posts new material twice weekly on the slightly-egotistically titled

Jen Wainwright [Actress]

Jen first acted with Broken Glass many moons ago at Cambridge University. Needless to say, she is thrilled to be back. In her other life, Jen is an editor of children's books. She is also writing a novel which one day she might actually get finished.

Iain Blackwell [Actor]

Iain first joined Broken Glass for the Golem back in 2009 and is thrilled to be working with the company again. When not being typecast by Vicky and Alex as a psychopathic and controlling member of the un-dead, he teaches English in a comprehensive school.

Rebecca Moore [Actress]

Glass Mountain will be newbie Rebecca's first production with Broken Glass. She's hoping previous roles such as 'weird ghostly masked creature' and 'girl who turns into a tree' will have put her in good stead for her newest roles!

Imogen Goodman [Actress]

Imogen has been a proud member of the Broken Glass troupe since 2009, when she was cast as Miriam and the prostitute Rosanna in a production of The Golem at Camden Roundhouse. Since then, she's spent many eventful summers working with them, and is excited to be reunited with the company once more - this time as a fairytale witch!